Has your pet been acting strangely during the Pandemic?

It’s too soon to tell what our dog children will do when we return to work after being home so much, but one thing’s for sure: they’re acting strangely right now.

If your dog has joined the ranks of animals engaging in displacement behaviors like overgrooming or chewing on everything, they may be compensating for one of several things.

With their people home so much, some dogs are receiving an abundance of attention. Some of it’s great, and depending on the breed, they may drink it all up.

But sometimes it’s more stressful attention if it comes with a massive change in schedule, type of person (i.e. extra children), other animals visiting, or a change in their people’s behavior.

Your pooch needs a routine like everyone else, and the Coronavirus is just plain disruptive.

Pooches of all kinds are whining to be held, brooding from less going out, and following their people around just like human toddlers. Here’s what you can do to keep Rover together as you work from home.

Take Some Calls Outside

Make time to do things away from the dog, even if he’s relishing all the extra attention. This will help them get space and socialize properly when they are with you. They may need a little bit of extra attention (don’t we all) during the pandemic. But you should encourage a healthy balance.

Work under a tree outside, sit on your patio, or just take a few laps where there’s enough space for a few phone calls. Your pooch will need to return to normal when this is over, so don’t let him get too used to all the extra snuggles.

Try To Remain Normal

Admittedly, there’s not a ton we can do for our pups during the pandemic besides make sure their needs are met. We can still take them for walks and get them outdoors—and getting them to daycare is a great way to keep them social. 

But one thing we can do is try to act normal ourselves. It’s a tall order, for sure. But don’t we love those dogs (and cats!) enough to do it for them?

Everyone is stressed and trying to predict what will happen. They’re trying to keep the weight off and get enough video calls in to qualify as somewhat socialized. But we’re all a little off.

For dogs and other animals, this equates to big changes in their behavior. They may not know what to make of you not leaving the house for work every day. This makes daycare an even more attractive alternative! And while you’re trying to keep up with the house, they are likely wondering when you’re going to sit and relax for a while like you used to.

Be as normal as humanly possible for your pooch’s sake. Have meals on time, eat your vegetables, get dressed every day like you normally would, and keep an exercise routine. Every little bit of normalcy counts!


Webcams are not necessary when you leave your pet at a well-run facility.  If you opt-in for text messaging, we will send you periodic photos of your pet enjoying his/her stay here at Dog Daze!  State-of-the Art surveillance is present 24/7. Otherwise, trust that your dog/cat is receiving excellent care.