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    Rating is 5 Jade C. 5/29/2018

    The Cuban Cafe is sweet and authentic. I’ve been waiting for this cafe to open for a long time and wasn’t disappointed on my first visit. First- the… More

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    Rating is 3 Adelina M. 6/17/2018

    Come in here for the opening of the cafe probably isn’t the best in ways of reviews. I feel like opening days are little bit too hectic to get a real… More

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    Rating is 3 Elizabeth F. 6/2/2018

    Came here on opening day and it was packed! C’mon, it’s a dog friendly cafe so that’s expected! Okay, now down to the details. Space: There are several… More


“They are the best! We brought our cat, Killian, to this “kitty hotel” while we were on vacation, and we can tell that they took great care of him! Everyone was so friendly, and I know that we can trust leaving him with them. We wouldn’t go anywhere else! Thank you so much for taking care of our fur baby while we were away!” – Jessica Lyn

​”This place is amazing they watch our dog on a weekly basis and do such a great job.” ​- Andrew Henderson

​”They know each and every dog just like their own! They know their tinks and knows what dogs get along and why. They are so compassionate about their job and absolutely love every single Dog that walks thru their door. They make sure each pup is taken care of, plays well, takes their brake so they don’t over work themselves, and give all the pups who are not in daycare the utmost cuddke sessions because they don’t get along with other dogs. When boarding they make sure your pup is as comfy as they can be while you are away. They are under some new policies so some things can get a little crazy, but just like us, they are human too and everyone has their days. I would recommend anyone who has a new puppy, a pup with a super amount of energy, a pup that might need to loose a few pounds, or just a dog that could use some loving while your away from home!! They are amazing! And I love them!” ​- Caitlin Pattrson

“Love the family down at Dog Daze. Lady Charlee really appreciates the pack there. They wear her out.” ​Aaron Jon Adkins

​”We loved the way our dog was cared for at Big Easy Animal Hospital, so when we needed to board our 40lb pitbull Ellie, we knew she would be in good hands. Our pup comes home clean, healthy, and tired. We’ve brought Ellie three times so far and have has excellent experiences all three times. Thank you!” ​- Sarah Ammer

​”I just had my dog groomed today by Nicola. The entire staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. My dog is anxious around new people, but when it was time to leave he didn’t want to go! Nicola did a great job at grooming my puppy. I’ll definitely be back again.” ​- Alexa Rwa

“Great groomer, I love it! Can’t wait to make another appointment.” ​- Romina Quillin 

“I find the Big Easy filled with loving caring individuals. They know Lily and her habits. If they think something is wrong, they call and ask me if I would like Lily to see the vet. If Lily is going to have a long day they will give her lunch or dinner. They even try to give Lily play breaks.
I don’t need a camera at the Big Easy I know she is getting well supervised and loved and she comes home exhausted!!” ​-Valerie Lavalle McGill

“I have taken my pup to the vet here, including being neutered and have been very happy. Recently, I gave birth to our first child and we boarded our pup during my hospital stay, they allowed him play time with the other dogs in the daycare, which I was so happy to hear. Once we started bringing him in for daycare, Kelly came out to my car to get my pup since I had a newborn with me, that kind gesture really makes such a huge difference, I can’t express how much I appreciated it, also having my dog completely exhausted when he’s home is a luxury!!” ​- Laura White

“My puppy, Eko, LOVES staying here. He comes home and passes out from all the playtime. Hes excited pulling into the parking lot and I love hearing the staff talk about his personality. I highly recommend. – Courtney Dean

“Big easy is the best. Friendly staff. Great hours. Very accommodating. Been taking my dog for 9 months to day care twice a week and it’s always a pleasure. I boarded her there for a week as well and it went very smooth. There are other daycares closer to my house but I go out of my way to come here. They take great care of my fur baby.” ​- Tori Fondrk

“Great groomer! I have a senior papillon that can be a handful to work with, the groomer is fantastic. Never overcharge me and take half the time as other local groomers. The veterinarian is just as good!” – R. M. Q.

​”Thrilled! We love this place! We adopted a dog that has no social skills with other dogs. While boarded, the staff worked with our dog and gave us some great tips. She was noticeably better behaved when we got her home. We are incredibly thankful to have found this amazing place!” ​- Sara Rose